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Making decisions for those requiring long term care assistance can be a gut-wrenching experience. Someone else’s financial, legal and other materials must be located, identified, reviewed and prioritized. Navigating the healthcare matrix of private and government-assisted programs and options potentially available can be confusing, tricky and misleading at times. Family emotions can be elevated. These feelings of uncertainty can create problems within the family, but most importantly with the mental health of the decision maker. I know this to be true because I have been there.

At Longtail, our focus is to formulate a fluid plan of available options throughout the process, educate the decision maker(s) to handle the situation with knowledge and confidence to make the next best decision. From preparing now, to identifying long term goals, conflict resolution, cost containment to processing long-term care insurance payments – we can help.


Preparedness and knowledge of how to address the task(s) ahead

Cost Containment and outlay scenarios based on your wants and needs

We are your Advocate and Ally through the entire process if needed

Network of decision-makers, care givers, attorneys, accountants, risk-management professionals and actuaries in the long term care insurance space

Audits, preparation to receive eligible benefits, explaining in detail the long term care insurance benefits available

Expertise in insurance regulations and obtaining long term care insurance benefits for policy holders

We are a referral source, NOT a referral service


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